MMAA recognizes the importance of private space and believes that fine art can brilliantly enhance clever interior design. 

Whether you’re looking for your first piece or to grow an established collection, MMAA will help you select and acquire the art of perceptible cultural value in harmony with both your taste and interior.

Our goal is to source the very best artworks for our clients while honoring their preferences, space, and budget. 

Our process is customized, purposeful and collaborative. We engage our clients in a gratifying and educational experience to empower them in the course of art selection.

We work in partnership with architects and interior designers to execute projects with the highest level of professionalism.

Jean Paul Lemieux, "Jeune Fille au Long Manteau," ink and graphite on paper, 1970-1980

Whitney Lewis-Smith, "Monster", Large Format Dry Plate Photograph, 2014.

Bee Themed Baby Room, Detail Shot 1, Artist Cameron Chalmers

Bee Themed Baby Room, Detail Shot 2, Artist Cameron Chalmers

We offer the following services:

● Advice on acquisitions to build or expand premier collections

● Collecting strategy and marketplace objectivity preparation

● Sourcing of artworks from private collections, galleries, and auctions

● Artwork commission from initial stages to completion

● Purchase negotiation with private galleries or auction bidding on client’s behalf

● Performing of all due diligence as to condition, provenance and appropriate pricing

● Overseeing of the insurance, conservation, framing, shipping and installation processes

● Advice on Canadian taxation and inheritance policies

● Arranging market and art history education and gallery/museum tours