Public Art

MMAA curates and manages all aspects of large and small scale public art projects from concept to artist selection, community outreach, budget supervision, production, and installation.

Public art projects include murals, sculptures, short and long term installations.

MMAA founder has worked for several municipalities and is an expert in public art policy and “best practices” required for many development projects.

We work in partnership with architects, real estate developers and interior designers to execute projects with the highest level of professionalism.

We create public art projects that are both memorable,  enhance the value of your property and enrich the community living experience.

To learn more about the Percy Street Studio project in Toronto

Evening Photo of LED Neo-Flex Mural at 150 Eglinton Ave W.

Day Photo of LED Neo-Flex Mural at 150 Eglinton Ave W.

Dovevan Art Park, Oshawa, 2018 (center work is Meaghan C Kehoe)

Dovevan Art Park, Oshawa, 2017 (Logo by Jozef Tomaszewski)

In every public art project, we fulfill the following duties:

● Site assessment to identify public art opportunities

● Site, history and community research

● Community outreach programming and public information delivery

● Artist research, artist selection process, and artist relations management

● Budget management

● Communication and marketing strategy support

● Leading artist selection through rfqs, rfps, and calls for entries

● Overseeing conceptual design proposals

● Obtaining city approval

● Overseeing commissions of monumental, site-specific and architecturally integrated works

● Facilitating coordination among artists and development/construction teams during fabrication and installation

● Guidance regarding public art contracts